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Tanzanite is a strikingly beautiful gemstone renowned for its exquisite blue-violet hue, which ranges from deep indigo to delicate lavender. Discovered in Tanzania in the late 1960s, this rare gem has quickly become a cherished and sought-after addition to the world of fine jewelry. Its allure lies not only in its mesmerizing color but also in its rarity, as tanzanite is found in only one location on Earth. Belonging to the mineral zoisite, tanzanite is treasured for its exceptional clarity, brilliance, and the way it can exhibit different colors when viewed from various angles. It has gained prominence in the world of fashion and luxury due to its unique aesthetic qualities, making it a favorite choice for elegant jewelry pieces.


Type Tanzanite
Pieces(s) 1
Weight(ct) 5.30
Shape Oval
Treatment None
Clarity loupe clean
Size(MM) 11.5x10x7
Origin Tanzania
Lab None
Cert No. None

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