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Peridot is a vibrant green gemstone renowned for its striking color and unique beauty. It is a variety of the mineral olivine and is formed deep within the Earth’s mantle, brought to the surface through volcanic activity. Peridot’s verdant hue ranges from a lively yellow-green to a deep olive green, captivating admirers with its lively and refreshing appearance. This gemstone has been cherished for centuries and is often associated with attributes such as growth, renewal, and harmony. Its allure and historical significance make it a popular choice for jewelry, adding a touch of nature’s elegance to adornments.

Type Peridot
Pieces(s) 1
Weight(ct) 3.25
Shape Fancy cut
Treatment No treatment
Clarity Loupe clean
Size(MM) 10x10x8
Origin Pakistan
Lab None
Cert No. On-Demand

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