Blue Green Tourmaline

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Blue-green tourmaline is a captivating and rare variety of tourmaline prized for its striking range of blue and green hues. This gemstone typically exhibits a mesmerizing interplay of colors, transitioning from deep oceanic blues to vibrant emerald greens, often in the same crystal. Its alluring and unique coloration is a result of varying mineral compositions within its crystal lattice. Blue-green tourmaline is cherished for its aesthetic appeal and metaphysical properties, believed to promote calmness, creativity, and emotional balance, making it a sought-after choice for jewelry aficionados and spiritual seekers alike.

Type Blue Green Tourmaline
Pieces(s) 1
Weight(ct) 4.45
Shape Cushion cut
Treatment No treatment
Clarity Loupe Clean
Size(MM) 10x9x7
Origin Afghanistan
Lab None
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