Pink Tourmaline

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Pink Tourmaline, also known as Rubellite, is a captivating gemstone prized for its exquisite rosy hues. This gem, often associated with love and compassion, is a member of the Tourmaline family and is celebrated for its vibrant shades ranging from delicate pastels to deep, vivid pinks. Its alluring color is believed to evoke feelings of warmth and tenderness, making it a popular choice for jewelry pieces that symbolize affection and emotional connection. Pink Tourmaline is not only visually stunning but also renowned for its metaphysical properties, thought to promote feelings of love, self-compassion, and emotional healing. Whether adorning a piece of jewelry or used for its energetic qualities, Pink Tourmaline is a gem that radiates beauty and positive energy.

Type Pink Tourmaline
Pieces(s) 1
Weight(ct) 5.45
Shape Square Cushion cut
Treatment No treatment
Clarity Eye Clean plus
Size(MM) 10x10x8
Origin Afghanistan
Lab None
Cert No. None

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